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I am Sergey Faldin (you can also call me Jack), a writer and creative producer based in London. I advise early-stage startups on building their media, produce podcasts and films, and write freelance.

Currently, I work as Head of Content for a UK-based fintech startup Silverbird, where I built a niche publication about international trade for 20,000 monthly readers from scratch and produced a narrative podcast about the global economy.

This website contains links to my work, information about me, and ways to connect.

I also write a weekly personal newsletter called Sergey's Notes, which you can check out here.

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“I’ve done talks at colleges and schools and people tend to ask you that question with a really pained look on their face. They think that maybe writing something involves moving to France and wearing a beret. And that fall [from a window], my literal fall from grace, brought me down to earth. It made me realise that the stuff that you should write about or use or paint about, is right under your nose. It’s the things that you’ve been brought up with. Because you’ve been brought up with them you discount them because… it’s like the furniture in your house. After a month, you don’t see it anymore. It’s just there. You sit on it."

– Jarvis Cocker